10 Design Tips That Will Change the Way You See Your Home

      We all want to give our home a completely fresh look but that feeling of inspiration can fade quickly when you have no idea how or where to start. When I was decorating my space, I would jump out of bed Saturday morning ready to throw down some money at Target, and then realize I had no idea what would look good. It took a while for me to figure out that, although something may look nice on the shelf in the store, that beauty won’t necessarily carry over to my house. I then progressed to do what I do best: research. I teamed up with the Design staff at Design Materials, Inc. to create some tips that will help you to gain confidence and own your space.

1) Create a theme

      Creating a centralized theme for your home will help to unite the focus of the space. It can be as specific or as broad as you want, from an idea, time period, object, or pretty much anything you can think of. Having a theme will help you filter out stuff that won’t compliment your home and give you inspiration and encouragement to think outside the box of conventionality when using certain objects. Here are a couple of resources. Design Materials inspiration |

Purple Flower Theme

2) Upgrade your hardware

      What does “update your hardware” mean? It means replacing your knobs, handles and faucets. This is a simple way to give your home some needed style. There are a lot of options to fit your theme and if you can’t find anything that matches your style, DIY is always an option. Design Materials: Uttermost

Leather Strap Handles

3) Use a color palette

      If your theme isn’t based on a color, it is a good idea to create a color palette to make your design more focused and inline. I recommend Adobe Kuler, but there are many resources to help you out. Having a color palette allows you to decide how to use your colors in a more strategic manner.

4) Paint

      Repainting a room is a surefire way to dramatically see a room in a new light. Now that you have a color palette, you can pick your paint confidently and tie everything together. Painting is also not limited to solid colors, but can be used to add a creative touch with gradients and patterns.  Add interactivity by using blackboard paint and encourage your guests to write messages on your wall or add flair by painting texture. Paint isn’t limited to just walls; it can also be used on ceilings to add some dimension to your space.

Textured paint

5) Lighting

      Lighting can create atmosphere to tie in with your mood or theme. Lighting is a great way to invoke feelings of relaxation, calmness, whimsy, and energy. Your lighting can be changed easily by changing a light bulb or changing a lamp or, for a greater challenge, changing a whole light fixture. If you get a light source that allows you to adjust the strength, you can alter the mood quickly and easily. Natural light can be maximized with mirrors and dulled with curtains. The use of natural light can invoke feelings of energy and action.

Wine glass chandelier

Falling Light


Now you are armed with the knowledge to start planning to give your home a fresh look by using a centralized theme, stylized hardware, a color scheme, a fresh coat of paint, and lighting. Contact us to schedule an appointment so our designers can help put you on the right track.

Written by Evan Aguilar