Choosing Your Tile Contractor

If you’re looking for a finish that is both practical and stylish, tile is the way to go. While the tile itself might be the perfect fit, the installation process is what can make or break it. Since tile installers (and the tile contractors that employ them) are often not held to the same trade craft criteria that would be required of a plumbing or an electrical business, it’s important to be able to differentiate a reputable installer from a incompetent one.

The preeminent and most obvious way to spot an experienced or an inexperienced installer is through their previous work. When it comes to finding the most trustworthy contractor, it’s best to evaluate their service and business operations. The contractor and the installer work together to convert your concept into reality. Finding qualified contractors and installers should be the primary concern when undergoing any type of tile project, whether you’re a homeowner with a one-time tile installation or a designer with multiple tile projects.

Here are some things to look for in a reputable contractor:

Operates a legitimate business, with responsible business practices and a policy of standing behind their work.

Invests in both on-the-job and formalized training to stay up-to-date on the proper installation methods.

Carries all required business licenses and insurances.

Does not misclassify workers to avoid paying into social security, unemployment, workers’ compensation, and other employee programs.

Easy to locate in case of post-installation questions or issues.

Has a track record for quality and service.

General contractors should require proof of qualifications to be included with all project bids from installers. Compare all estimates from bidding installers before making a final contract decision. 

Homeowners should feel free to ask contractors for proof of insurance, license (where required), and their installation qualifications. Check references on bidding contractors and conduct in-depth interviews, if necessary. Utilize online reviews and consumer resources.