Why You Should Be Using Ardex Tile & Stone Installation Systems

The key to a successful business is to keep cost low and margins high, but what eats up a lot of the profits is not so much material, but time and material waste. Would you like to save money by having everything done in one day without the need to rush the job? Would you like to decrease waste by having an increased working time for grout mixes? If your answer is yes, then Ardex is your key to success.

Ardex has a long history in the tile business, having developed the first thin set in 1966, and today they continue to push the envelope by changing the way grout and thin set are made. Ardex is the only brand that allows you to use sanded grout on any tile without the risk of damage or scratches. Using manufactured sand, combined with the microtec technology,  will help you get better adhesion (see video).

Now how does this make you more profitable? Ardex was designed to make difficult jobs easier and faster. Here is the list of benefits that Ardex products give:

  • 60 min open time
  • 3-hour pot life
  • 80-110 ft2 on most projects
  • Fast Setting for thin set you can grout around 2-3 hours
  • Excellent Flexibility and strength
  • Tile can be walked on in 4 hours (rapid set is 90 mins)

The icing on the cake is the Ardex Tile & Stone installation systems warranty. They cover their products with one-year standard product warranty. However, when you use the entire system, you can qualify for a 5 year or 10 year full replacement warranty.

The amount of products available will allow you to conquer any job fast and efficiently, growing your reputation and profits. You can guarantee your work and make your business safer, granting you and your customers a peace of mind.

Want to see how Ardex products can make your business more profitable and efficient? Contact us to schedule a meeting with our staff or call us at 210.344.3591

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Written by Evan Aguilar